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Our Mission

Our mission is that every member would be a minister.  Wherever we find ourselves in our walk with Christ, we should constantly be prepared to allow someone to enter into this journey with us.  We seek to discover, equip, and utilize every gift of our members in order to fulfill our vision of being, "A Lighthouse to the World".

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Our Vision

Our vision for our local body is to be "A Lighthouse to the World".  In order to fulfill our vision, we must start in our local community.  We are always seeking ways to reach out to those around us.  This then stretches to the world by supporting missions around the globe and going to do missions work ourselves.  In a dark world, we must seek to shine, and shine brightly, in order to reach this dying world.

1230 Kings Estate Rd, St. Augustine Fl 32086
Phone: 904.797.6996 Email:
Sunday Service Sunday 10:30 Wednesday 7:00
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